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Handheld EPOS

Wireless handheld devices enable sales and orders to be inputted into the machine remotely – basically providing your business with another portable till, complimenting your EPOS solution. We provide a range of options using innovative ICRTouch and Vectron software, making mobile POS a must-have for your business.

  • Streamline Orders – One of the fundamental advantages of utilizing a mobile POS solution is streamlining the order taking process. With a mobile device, wait staff can take an order at the table and wirelessly transmit it to the kitchen in real-time. There is no need to wait for the server to return to the stationary POS system to enter the order. This allows food preparation to begin earlier, improving customer service by reducing wait times for items ordered.

  • Queue busting – Long queues and lines during the busiest parts of your sales day can be managed more effectively and ‘busted’ using mobile EPOS, thus avoiding any potential customer’s satisfaction issues, or even lost sales, due to long waits.

  • Improve Order Accuracy –In many restaurant environments, there are a variety of ways food can be prepared. Add-on items, special requests, sides or other modifications are common requests that wait staff must accurately account for in the order taking process. By entering orders tableside in real-time, wait staff will improve order accuracy by eliminating lost, partial and incorrect orders. This not only reduces food waste for your establishment but also improves customer satisfaction.

  • Use where needed – Mobile EPOS can be used in the areas or at the sites where it’s needed most, providing you with another till in the outdoor eating area in summer months, or covering an area of your retail space which has a low conversion rate, or is prone to upselling.

  • Decrease Checkout Time – An additional benefit of mobile POS solutions is the efficient checkout. Checkout is the last thing a customer will remember about your restaurant. They enjoyed your delicious food and friendly wait staff. Don’t let all that be ruined by a long wait at the register. A mobile POS solution will allow wait staff to securely and efficiently process payments at the tableside, and to effectively avoid aggravating the customer in the checkout process.

  • And much more...

To understand more of the benefits of using handhelds and how our EPOS solutions could change your business, call us on 01626 202502 or contact us by email.

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