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Vectron Systems

For more than 25 years Vectron has produced POS software and robust, high-quality Point of sale systems that are much more than simple cash registers. With more than 200,000 installations in 30 countries today, Vectron is one of the largest European producers of POS systems.


Vectron's range of cash registers includes stationary and mobile POS systems for an extremely broad range of company sizes and types. All models are produced from high-quality materials and are extremely rugged in order to operate reliably for many years. Downtimes and maintenance periods are therefore reduced to a minimum. All POS systems are ergonomically shaped and have a sophisticated design for comfortable handling.

Vectron POS systems can handle even the largest quantities of data and complex computing processes lightning fast and thereby accelerate the process for ringing up sales and transferring POS system data between the company headquarters and individual points of sale.


Vectron not only manufactures POS system hardware, it also develops the point of sale software itself. And that means the whole pos solution comes from a single supplier, ensuring the optimum interplay of hardware and software.

All Vectron POS systems are delivered with the flexible and versatile Vectron POS software, which offers many tried-and-tested special functions and can be individually adapted and expanded.

Vectron POS PC

Do you already have a PC-based POS system? Then switch to Vectron POS PC, the leading POS program for bakeries and hospitality.You can use POS PC on Windows PCs and -tablets. The software is network-capable and allows mixed networks with all Vectron POS systems if one day you want to change over to the robust, long-lived POS hardware made by Vectron.


Key Features include:

  • Stable, fast and easy-to-install software with flexible, cross-sector functions

  • Special support for hospitality, bakeries, retail trades, dry cleaners, etc.

  • Individual permissions for operators, menu items and functions

  • Intuitive operation through user specific layouts and icons

  • Comprehensive media support for EC-Cash, direct-debiting etc.

  • Extensive reports and user-optimised journals

  • Time & attendance data available

  • Flexible printer control also for network printers with switch-over options and automatic forwarding in case of error

  • Support for scanners, card readers, drink dispensing systems, etc.

  • Extensive possibilities for back office connections through open interfaces

  • Network-capable – also in combination with other Vectron POS systems

  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting via remote data transfer

Vectron MobileApp

The mobile App for hospitality professionals available on iOS and Android


The Vectron MobileApp is so easy to operate that you will be familiar with all the functions within minutes. At the same time the app provides you all the comfort you require for mobile cashing.

  • Clearly arranged

  • Intuitive

  • Easy to operate

  • Offline-capable


The app functions have been deliberately reduced to the essential ones for mobile cashing. This makes the app clearly arranged and easy to operate.You enter or change orders orclose receipts with a few intuitive touches. A clearly arranged guest check management, PLUs that are grouped in departments and search functions support the procedures.Free multiplier and price input is possible and you can entercondiments and menu courses, print entertainment expenses andsplit guest checks. All the common payment modes are available for finalization.

You can use a mobile Wi-Fi printer with the app.

More complex transactions are carried out by the stationary server system, which securely saves all the data. You only require a local WiFi network and no Internet connection.It is also possible to integrate the app later into existing installations and to book it on a monthly basis. This allows using it only during the summer for example.

To learn more about Vectron Systems and how they could benefit your business, contact us on 01626 202502 or contact us by email
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